MaGee’s Tavern is Trying to Kill Me

FALLBROOK, CA.  Fallbrook is home to the Annual Avocado Festival.  It’s a community event celebrating the heritage and importance of the unique, green fruit to the area, thus the city dubs itself the Avocado Capital of the World.  It’s been a quiet hideaway for celebrities like Frank Capra, Rita Coolidge, Tori Spelling, and Toni Hawk according to Wikipedia.

MaGee's Tavern

MaGee’s Tavern

MaGee’s Tavern finds it’s home at 125 Main Ave and populated by the local regulars of bikers, millionaires, and working class citizens all mingling together in the popular Irish pub.  It’s a diverse crowd filled with folks who enjoy the sting from a strong shot of Irish whiskey along side those taking a long, deep swallow of cold beer to wash down the comfort food.  Temecula’s famous wine country is 20 miles north of Fallbrook and Magee’s provides a short list of wines for patrons with a taste for a bit of sophistication.

ETA, James Kruk and the Big Boss Men, was the entertainment for the night and the reason I was hanging out with my wife and a large group of friends.  Kruk is one of the best ETAs performing today with an equally band of talented musicians.  His lead guitarist and backup vocalist is Les Allen who is the only Dwight Yoakam tribute artist to date.  Dwight Lightning is the catchy moniker Allen calls his tribute band.

James Kruk

Kruk’s style of tribute is entertainment, of course that includes the whole package of a great voice and magnetic sex appeal.  He dresses up smartly in the jumpsuits from the concert years and sings all the hits, but he also sings a lot of the lesser known songs such as Wearing that Loved on Look.  Kruk’s shows are always energetic, filled with humor, and lots of interaction with the fans during the show.  He really knows how to engage the crowd, draw them in, and give them a great time.  Kruk never disappoints and is a genuine good guy.

It’s a good thing Kruk’s shows are so energetic.  When he sings Polk Salad Annie, Suspicious Minds, or Tiger Man it’s impossible to stay still.  You just can’t help getting up and shaking what your mother gave you.  Yes, it’s a very good thing Kruk’s shows are so energetic because MaGee’s Tavern is trying to kill me with a delicious array of unique comfort foods!

Bar food is the worst food in terms of quality.  Most times it’s cheap, over priced and leaves you wanting Peptol-Bismol to stop the flow of regret of eating whatever it was that was fried.  Since we were in the Avocado Capital of the World we ordered a plate of fried avocado with ranch dressing.  WOW!  It’s the first word that comes to mind when you bite into these tasty, beer battered fried green fruits. Stupendously delicious might be the next words after you take your second bite as the blend of avocado, rich batter, and ranch dressing puts you into a brief, happy food coma.

Fried avocado wasn’t enough; it was just the appetizer.  We followed up the unique appetizer with an order of fish and chips with a side of cole slaw.  An ordinary dish, yet delicious, because it was cooked to perfection and that’s the most important part of eating fried fish.  The outcome of the fried fish will either make it mouth watering delicious or leave you wanting for the jax (Irish slang for toilet).  MaGee’s cooks it right.

My wife and friends had enough of the delectable dishes, but I opted for one more thing:  the corned beef taco.  Moist chunks of shredded corned beef topped with a light dose of cabbage and strewn with salsa and horseradish cream wrapped in a corn tortilla.  That was it!  I was in Irish comfort food heaven savoring every bite chased down by a glass of Kendall Jackson Cabernet and later in the night a hot mug of Irish coffee.

Yes indeed, folks!  MaGee’s Tavern was killing me with great food and fantastic entertainment and I gleefully accepted my fate.  When they invite Kruk back for another show I will be there, but I don’t think I’ll wait for his return.  There are a whole lot of other tasty dishes I am willing to die for on the menu.  Hmmm….I forgot to take pictures of the delicious dishes.  Next time!

On a final note, I want to tip my hat to the service.  Most times service in bars is wholly inadequate and matches the quality of bad food.  Not so at MaGee’s.  The servers were johnny-on-the-spot smiling, friendly, ready and willing to serve.  I never had to go to the bar to order a drink or hunt down a server to order food.  The service added to the whole experience.  Now, if they would only put dessert on their menu.

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3 thoughts on “MaGee’s Tavern is Trying to Kill Me

  1. All around Great Time, Food, Service with the entertainment tribute to Elvis by James Kruk ( and the Big Boss Men Band. I heard Dwight Lighting will be there soon too.


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