Welcome to Pompadour’s contributor page for our guest authors.  If you want to become a contributor send us a message via our Facebook page or send us an email.  Sometimes I will see an interesting post I believe is Pompadour blog-worthy and I will ask your permission to post it with full acknowledgment and links back to you.


  • It must be well written so there is very little editing to do unless you’re a paid, published, professional author then I won’t insult you by editing your piece.  It’ll be posted as is.
  • Be opinionated.  Be respectful.  Don’t be hatin’.
  • Keep it short and simple; maybe 500 – 1,000 words.
  • It’s gotta be Elvis related.


Kurt Brown

Kurt Brown

President of Brown Productions, a leader in the production of tribute shows who represents hundreds of tribute artists.

  1. Priscilla Presley’s Perception


Margie ClaymanMargie Clayman

Director of Marketing for Clayman and Associates Marketing Solutions a full service business-to-business marketing firm.  The firm works with clients in a broad range of markets including but not limited to medical, plastics, machine tool, and sanitary supply.


  1. 3 Lessons from an Elvis Impersonator



Candy Starling Traxler

Elvis fan.  Prince fan. Music fan. Lyricist.






  1. The Prince & The King

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