Elvis Presley: Where No One Stands Alone


RIVERSIDE, CA. Gospel music must be sung a certain way. The words must be believed – every word must come out as if you were standing before the throne of Almighty God and singing for His good pleasure. Gospel requires a soulful passion from the singer to draw the listener into the moment, to draw them into the praise. Elvis could do this, and it’s the reason he could get away with singing a gospel song during his concerts. He believed every word he was singing and made us believe it because he believed it.

This amazing talent is put on display with the release of his newest CD titled Elvis Presley: Where No One Stands Alone. Elvis is no longer with us and you think there is nothing new he can bring us, then Lisa Marie Presley comes up with this new mix of gospel songs. The music is updated to make Elvis sound better than ever with a raw power that sounds new. Several songs are new versions released for the first time in the new collection. Given the updated music and the new backing vocals, Elvis as a gospel soloist has never been more inspiring.

Some hold the opinion that Elvis missed his calling. Instead of being the King or Rock and Roll he should have been a gospel singer for the King of kings. I happen to be one of these people.

This was his favorite genre — no question about it. He seemed to be at his most passionate, and at peace while singing gospel. He would truly come alive. -Lisa Marie Presley

The songs with the modern, updated arrangements, and Elvis’ passionate voice will wrench emotions from your soul. You’ll be hard pressed not to take a knee and give glory to God. At least that is how it was for me as I listened to each song several times.

UPDATE 08/21/18.  The CD is #1 on the Billboard Vinyl Album Chart, the Billboard Physical Album Chart, and for the first time Elvis is #1 on the Billboard Christian Album Chart.  It also debuted in the UK Top 10.

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