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RIVERSIDE, CA.  I came across a familiar comment posted under a picture of several ETAs posing with fans where someone pointed out the obvious.

Tribute 3

“None of them [look] like Elvis!”  The commenter is obviously an Elvis fan and probably an ETA fan so this is not a dig on the individual, but the comment motivated me to look up the word  tribute  and read the definition.  I learned, or in the southern vernacular of my Arkansas heritage, I learnt tribute does not mean identical.

Tribute unintentionally gets redefined to mean identical because there is a person dressed like Elvis, singing like Elvis, looking like Elvis, and moving like Elvis, so the word takes a new meaning and that’s alright.  But  tribute  simply means “to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.”

TributeTherefore, tribute is not looking like Elvis, but showing the King of Rock & Roll respect, gratitude, and admiration; although that guy in the bottom left hand corner of the picture with the Elvis lip snarl looks a lot like Elvis.  Then again, I see Elvis in every Elvis Tribute Artist.

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  1. I find myself thru 40 years of seeing ETA’s doing the same thing myself…………..if the resemblance is not there is leaves me feeling less satisfied. Why? I don’t know……………….. maybe once you saw him in person you want whoever you are seeing in a jumpsuit to look the same.

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