2016 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Finalists

MEMPHIS, TN.  The Top 10 have been announced to compete in the finals of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest.  Each competitor is an outstanding performer in their own right, but there can only be one Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist champion.

2016 Elvis Week

The Contenders

The bios for each competitor is copied from Graceland.com and listed in no particular order.

Pat Dunn

Pat is no stranger to the stage. Performing in his first NYC production at the age of 12, he now has the honor of performing in different music productions around the world. He considers being an ETA one of the most difficult facets of performing – and the most rewarding. Pat participated in his first festival in 2013 and said it was a life-changing experience that got him hooked. His favorite Elvis song is “An American Trilogy.”

Cote Deonath

Cote lives in Ocala, Florida, and has been at Elvis tribute artist for 16 years. He started at the age of 3 when he saw the Elvis movie “Follow That Dream” and he’s been hooked ever since. Cote says it is a dream come true for him to compete in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest. His favorite Elvis song is “Hurt.”

Dwight Icenhower

Dwight Icenhower began his career 17 years ago as a junior in high school performing in a high school musical. Since then, Dwight has traveled around the world with his tribute to Elvis Presley. Dwight’s mother introduced him to Elvis’ music at a very young age and has loved him ever since. He says being a tribute artist is a dream come true and to be recognized for my tribute is a real honor. His favorite Elvis song is “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”

Austin Irby

Austin Irby, a native of Anderson, South Carolina, began his singing career in his family church at the age of 4. In addition to Austin’s deep gospel roots, Elvis’ music and 50’s style made a great impact on him as an artist. His love, admiration and respect for Elvis shines through in each performance. He enjoys keeping the music alive and paying tribute to whom he calls “The Greatest Entertainer to Ever Live.” He says it is a blessing and an honor to be a part of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest. His favorite Elvis song is “Mean Woman Blues.”

Victor Trevino, Jr.

Victor Trevino Jr. is from Fort Worth, Texas. He has been performing in the arts for a number of years and has always loved music and American culture. Once Victor learned about Elvis and his history and impact on American music and pop culture, he started performing his music. Victor is honored to be a part of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest and enjoys working with all of the wonderful Elvis tribute artists all over the world. Victor’s favorite Elvis song is “Just Pretend.”

Travis Powell

Travis, a native of  Shelby, North Carolina, was raised on Elvis and gospel. His interest in becoming an Elvis tribute artist started five years ago, when he saw it as a way to enjoy music and celebrate the reason he started singing in the first place. For Travis, to be recognized as one of the top guys in the industry is an amazing honor. He says he is truly blessed and looks forward to being on the stage and giving it his all. His favorite Elvis song is “My Way.”

Doug Church

Doug started out his career in the Air Force in annual contests and won eleven first place awards in four years. He says being a tribute artist means being a part of an elite group of performers who are recognized for bringing respect, dignity and the highest order of professionalism to the world of Elvis. His favorite Elvis song is “Burning Love.”

Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson is from London, England. From a young age, Ben has been a huge Elvis fan. His first performance as an Elvis tribute artist was at the age of 15 at a community festival. Since then he has performed in many venues around the world. Ben is an international multi-award winning Elvis tribute artist and takes huge pride in his tribute. There’s simply nothing he would rather do than pay tribute to his hero. He considers it a privilege and pleasure to be a part of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest and looks forward to being in Memphis again. His favorite Elvis song is “If I Can Dream.”

Jeffrey Krick, Jr.

Jeffrey Krick Jr. is an award-winning Elvis Tribute Artist who is proud to represent the Ocean City Elvis Festival. Jeffrey, 18, is from Leesport, Pennsylvania, and has been an Elvis fan and tribute performer since childhood. He followed in the footsteps of his tribute artist father, Jeff Krick Sr., and began performing at his father’s shows. He’s had the privilege of performing with the Stamps Quartet. He looks forward to entertaining Elvis fans worldwide. His favorite Elvis song is “If I Can Dream.”

Diogo Light

Diogo Light, from Porto Alegre, Brazil, is proud to represent the 2016 Georgia Elvis Festival. From the time he was a small child listening to his father’s Elvis records, he’s been a fan. He considers it a great honor and blessing to pay tribute to the greatest entertainer of all time. He says having his work recognized by the fans is amazing and he embraces this responsibility with love and respect.

Wishing all the guys the best of luck.  Rock it like Elvis!


Shawn Klush


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