Who should be crowned the next Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Champion?

The Top 10 Ultimate ETA Contest Finalists:  Pat Dunn, Cote Deonath, Dwight Icenhower, Austin Irby, Victor Treviño, Jr., Travis Powell, Doug Church, Ben Thompson, Jeffrey Krick, Jr., and Diogo Light.

Keep voting.  The poll closes August 13th @ 7:00 p.m. Memphis time y’all.

There Can Be Only One Elvis Week

9 thoughts on “Who should be crowned the next Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Champion?

  1. I in Nevada , in fact years and years ago at Lake Tahoe , my mom and dad had to drive to Reno so my mom could give birth to me in the hospital , that’s how far back it was. So I’ve lived at Lake Tahoe, Reno Nevada all the way from jackpot , to Las Vegas from Lake Tahoe to Wendover Nevada. My mother and father got to see Elvis probably got a hundred times , I never got to see Elvis. Elvis was at the Reno Convention Center on Thanksgiving Day 1976, I didn’t make it, Elvis passed away in August the year after, so I do appreciate what you’re doing and you’re really good at it and you can tell that you enjoy it. I have over 4000 Elvis Presley pictures in my phone , and I look at them and share them all the time ” not all of them , at one time anyway ” my mom and I are table-games dealers from Nevada , my dad was General Manager at serval Casino they always got a thrill when Elvis came in.. I am on disability now I have low vision and I can no longer receive the cards are the checks to make payouts.. I now live in Oklahoma because it’s cheaper to live here than Nevada. I don’t know that I’ll ever get to see you personally because I don’t see well enough to drive a vehicle any longer . I do appreciate your sharing your videos and your pics I’ve been up all night long watching them. I will give you my email address but I don’t know if I can see the emails when you write to me. But will try.
    Anyways I’m a real fan of Elvis I’ve seen a lot of entertainers of Elvis in my life , and I must say you’re pretty good. I do see a nice bright career for you..
    God bless you and most of all enjoy your career. And if you ever do come to Oklahoma and you’re close to Weatherford Oklahoma maybe I can get somebody to drive me to see you.

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  2. I cannot begin to tell you how much respect I have for Travis Powell!!! He has been awesome in everything he has done this week here in Memphis and has such a great Fan base. He is a very genuine gentleman and has so much love for Elvis! I could not ask for anything more from an Ultimate Champion…already there in my eyes!

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  3. True story
    When I get the chance to go to an Elvis contest I close my eyes and listened to each performer sing, but it was when I first heard Dwight Icenhower sing I truly felt Elvis come to life. He is the Voice and a great entertainer. Good luck Dwight Icenhower .

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