Must Be Able to Sing and Play Guitar

MEMPHIS, TN.  It is exciting when something new pertaining to Elvis is brought to the table.  The new Country Music Television “Million Dollar Quartet” series promises to introduce iconic Memphis legends and music to a new generation of fans, and we know the most important Elvis fan is the next generation.

Elvis MegaphoneThe production is supported by the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development, Tennessee Entertainment Commission and Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development which approved a $4.3 million grant for the eight-part series.  The series will both boost the local economy, and equally important, inspire the next generation of fans, especially Elvis Presley fans.

The story is about Sun Records and the providential events in the lives of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis who’s talents converged one historic night when the legendary singers came together for an impromptu jam session in 1956.  Sam Phillips had the foresight to record it.  The night was first reenacted in the Tony award winning musical the  Million Dollar Quartet.  Now, on the 60th anniversary of the historical night in music history, the moment is being recreated again on television for all to experience.

Here is everything you need to know about the casting call information if you or someone you know may be interested.


The auditions are open to any individual who is, or will be, 18 years old on February 5, 2016 and is a legal resident of the United States or otherwise eligible to be employed in the United States.

  • Date: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13th, 2016
  • Location: Humes Preparatory Academy Middle School – Elvis Presley’s former high school
  • Address: 659 N. Manassas St., Memphis, TN 38107
  • Time: Line forms at 7:00AM. Open call is from 9:00am – 5:00pm.
  • Actors should bring a PICTURE or professional headshot, RESUME, and completed CONTACT INFO FORM
  • Please note that the pictures you provide us with will NOT be returned.
  • Participants are encouraged to come dressed in 1950’s period attire.
  • If selected, the callback will be Sunday, February 14th, 2016. The location of the callback is TBD.


ELVIS PRESLEY.   Can play Caucasian, 16 years old (must be legal 18).  Eager and likeable, Elvis Presley has  big dreams of seeing the world outside of Memphis, but has no idea what’s in store for him when he visits Sam  Phillips to record a song for his mother. An unpolished singer with a knack for reinvention, Elvis performs traditional songs with a “hillbilly” twist and transforms them into up-tempo hits.  MUST BE ABLE TO SING and PLAYING GUITAR IS A PLUS.

JOHNNY CASH.  Can play Caucasian, 19 years old (must be legal 18).  Shy, and particularly stoic for his age, the young Johnny Cash grew up with a family that was hit hard during the depression and struggled through most of his childhood. Johnny stands up for what is right. He knows he can’t wiggle like Elvis, but is confident he can sing just as good if not better.  MUST BE ABLE TO SING and PLAYING GUITAR IS A PLUS.

JERRY LEE LEWIS.  Can play Caucasian, 16 years old (must be legal 18). A wild and rebellious teen, Jerry Lee Lewis was seen as a bit of a punk for his interest in music before finding popularity as a world famous rock and roll pianist. Jerry Lee Lewis knows he can play the piano better than anyone in the club… he just has to prove it.  MUST BE ABLE TO SING and PLAYING PIANO IS A PLUS.

CARL PERKINS.  Can play Caucasian, 20 years old (must be legal 18). The artist who would eventually go on to personify the rockabilly era, Carl Perkins starts out playing small clubs with his band, trying out a controversial new sound that’s taking Memphis by storm.  MUST BE ABLE TO SING and PLAYING GUITAR IS A PLUS.

IKE TURNER.  Can play African American, 19 years old (must be legal 18).  A scrappy and determined young musician, African American, Ike Turner scrounges up money to pay for a record at Sam’s studio. When Sam informs him that he can’t sing, Ike gets sour about the fact that he no longer fronts the band.

B.B. KING.  28 years old, Legendary African American blues guitarist, B.B. King first kicks off his career at Sam Phillips’ studios where he plays gritty and emotional blues.

TRIXIE DEAN.   Can play Caucasian, 16 years old (must be legal 18).  A peppy, pony-tailed Southern teenager from a solidly middle-class family, and the apple of her conservative father’s eye. A popular cheerleader and honor student, she’s sweet and virtuous like a little girl in many ways, but also increasingly aware of the power her budding sex appeal gives her over boys and men — especially Elvis.  Don’t let the saddle oxfords and poodle skirt fool you — Trixie’s smarter and shrewder than she looks.

MARION KEISKER.   Female.  Can play Caucasian, early 30s, a beauty, smart and resourceful. Although living in the 50’s, she’s a modern day woman. Marion is Sam Phillips’ assistant with the energy to match his craze for discovering new talent.  She loves what she does…and she also loves Sam.  Her level headedness and organizational skills keep Sam from getting out of control and putting the studio in jeopardy.  But their ongoing affair and her insistence that Sam leave his family so that they can be together causes tension and stress…SERIES REGULAR.

BECKY PHILLIPS.  Female.  Can play Caucasian, mid to late 20s, pretty, traditional 50’s housewife. Becky is Sam’s wife and mother of their six-year-old son.   Supportive at first of Sam’s dream to open a recording studio, Becky becomes anxious when their finances become tight and Sam’s nervous condition returns and starts to worsen.  She urges him to focus more on their family and consider other careers.  When Sam begins spending all his time with Marion at the studio, she starts to become suspect of their relationship…RECURRING.

Mark your calendars, buy your plane tickets, brush up on the acting, singing, and guitar skills, update the headshot portfolios, then get in line to become Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins

All casting call details have been copied from the following website(s):

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