The Image and the Man

My wife and I mutually admire Elvis Presley for his unprecedented influence on American music and personal impact upon our lives, but also for his flawed humanity.  Elvis is often seen as a faultless human being who has been raised upon a pedestal of an image of infallibility he admittedly said was difficult to live up to.  We think he wanted recognition for his music and to be understood he was simply a man.  Jeanne-Marie put our thoughts into the following words (with the help of Elvis history blogger, Alan Hanson) and posted this on our Facebook page the other day.

I’ve often wondered how do I explain how I truly feel about Elvis without offending other Elvis fans? Well, Alan Hanson, of The Elvis History Blog took the words right out of my mouth in his most recent blog post:

“I am and always will be an Elvis fan. However, Elvis was a human being with flaws like all people. How those imperfections became apparent and how he managed them are part of what makes the great American story of Elvis Presley’s life so interesting. His great achievements are the more remarkable when viewed in the context of his personal frailties.”

Thank you, Mr. Hanson, for putting my thoughts into words. You see, I am not a fan who cringes upon hearing about Elvis’ faults. It reminds me that he was all too human like the rest of us, and just as Mr. Hanson said, Elvis’ GREAT achievements are the more REMARKABLE when viewed in the context of his personal frailties.

I completely understand that there are fans who can’t handle this honest approach to Elvis’ life and career. It’s okay. It’s up to the individual Elvis fan to admire him any way he/she chooses. It doesn’t make you, or me, any more or any less of a fan.

Mr. Hanson’s Elvis History Blog is my favorite Elvis blog because of his honest, no sugar-coating approach to Elvis’ life and career. He is a big Elvis fan just like us, and he has always been very respectful when he writes about Elvis. You can check out the blog here:

The Image and the Man




6 thoughts on “The Image and the Man

  1. Get me talking about Elvis and it can be like an unleashed dam. I will state a couple things that came to mind while reading this blog. As a lifetime fan, over 60 years, I still am as thrilled today to hear the man sing as ever. The sound of his voice is something that is beyond special……….not enough adjectives to describe the beauty of his voice. No…….he was not perfect and without issues…………..but he was a performer who always gave his audience his all. Unlike some “rock” stars today ie Miley or Justin, who are into themselves and show little respect for themselves in public or the way they present themselves. Elvis took pride in looking nice and to make sure his audience got “their monies worth.” He not only gave his all in every show clear up til his death……………he was a good friend to his friends…………he took care of his friends and family……..and he gave tons of gifts to people in need. He never stopped giving…………….for a man with his fame and fortune he was very loyal to his friends and fans. I would challenge any human being to be subject to his fame and fortune to manage to maintain as much normal life as he managed to do………all of it cost him his marriage and happiness and yet he stayed a good person who cared for those he loved til the end. Could anyone have done better with all that he lived thru? I seriously doubt it. My reason for loving Elvis starts and ends with that voice…………….and in between I admire his way of always giving his fans a great show,………………………he will always be so special to me.

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    • It’s amazing how his impact on a person can last for the rest of their life. I love it when I spark a nerve and friends like you unleash all their admiration and love for Elvis and share their experience. It’s a beautiful thing.


  2. I am also a long time fan of his. He was a good person loved his mother very much. He gave total strangers cars, and lots of other things. He loved life and the colonel did not treat him right, he was nothing to him but a means to have what he wanted.


    • Elvis had a lot of good qualities and the Colonel is vilified for the wrong reasons, but he and Elvis had a close, affectionate friendship which superseded their business partnership. The Colonel is a misunderstood man.


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