The Pompadour Group

RIVERSIDE, CA.  Facebook provides two options for businesses and individuals to promote or share a product, hobby or political/social issues, etc.  They are Facebook pages and Facebook groups.  One of the key differences between the two is people can interact more visibly with each other in groups than they can with pages.  We have created a Facebook group page titled The Pompadour Group in order determine if it is a worthwhile effort or a colossal waste of time.

The Pompadour Group

The Pompadour Group

The Pompadour Group is the twin to our Facebook page Pompadour: A Tribute to Tribute Artists.  You will see similar postings shared from the page, but the idea behind it is to allow open discussion about Elvis Presley, ETAs, and the whole of the Elvis subculture and Elvis Tribute Artist Industry.  The key difference between the page and the group is the page is kept drama free and positive, and always will be, but the group will allow people to exercise their expression of free speech.  Visit and join the Pompadour Group and post pictures of your favorite ETA or favorite Elvis photos or stories and share how Elvis Presley and ETAs have impacted your life.  If you have an opinion about Elvis, the ETA industry, or Elvis Presley Enterprises, then share it and generate a discussion.

Lastly, groups allow you to add people to it without their authorization, but we have decided to allow people the choice to join and we will not arbitrarily add you to the group.  We’ll let your Facebook friends do that for you because they know you better than we do.




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