Thank You, Lisa Marie Presley

MEMPHIS, TN.   Lisa Marie Presley, with her twin girls Harper and Finley, make a historical, first time appearance together at the 2015 Candlelight Vigil to light the lanterns and commence the annual ceremony.  Her husband, Michael Lockwood, along with her mom, Ms. Priscilla Presley, stood by her side for the commencement.  It was a beautiful, touching moment.

[These are] my granddaughters and they’re here for their first time to see what this is all about and to know how important their grandfather is.  (Priscilla Presley, Candlelight Vigil, Elvis Week 2015)

Dressed in a simple, elegant, white gown with her hair adorned by a simple, flower wreath she approached the stage, adjusted the microphone and gave a short speech.  She seemed a bit overwhelmed standing before 30,000 men, women, and children who love, admire, and miss her dad.  Lisa Marie handled it with class and expressed gratitude for all the fans, thanking them for their support.

We lost Elvis, but she lost her dad.  Lisa Marie Presley was a nine year old little girl who lost her father.  Her life had barely begun when her dad died and missed every milestone in her life.

Elvis wasn’t in the next room sleeping when the monster-under-the-bed tried to grab her feet and nibble her toes.  She could only pull the blanket over her head and pray the monster would go away.  He wasn’t around when she became a teenager and began to blossom into a young woman.  He wasn’t there the first time she brought a boy home that she liked so her dad could grill him, and embarrass her, like dads with daughters do.  When that boy broke her heart, he wasn’t there to hug away the heartbreak and kick the boy’s ass.  The day she dropped out of high school he wasn’t around to lovingly and firmly make her go back.  The greatest entertainer to ever grace the stage wasn’t around to guide his daughter’s music career.  On her wedding day, he wasn’t there to walk her down the isle and participate in the father-daughter dance.  His grandchildren would never look into his sparkling blue eyes or hear him sing a lullaby.  Lisa Marie could never share any of those special life moments with her dad.

Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Marie was the apple of her dad’s eye.  His little princess who could do no wrong.  What right do people have to judge her for the role she has in Elvis Presley Enterprises and its future to honor the legacy of her dad?    None.

Thank you, I love you, you all have my heart and always will.  (Lisa Marie Presley, Candlelight Vigil, Elvis Week 2015)

Like her mom she recognizes the importance of her dad’s fans.  We are the ones who will continue to pass down Elvis’ legacy for generations to come, but we need guidance that the legacy will be passed down with honor and respect.  As she walked with the torch, lit from the eternal flame in the Meditation Garden, I saw it as a symbolic gesture of Ms. Priscilla Presley passing the torch of Elvis Presley’s legacy to Lisa Marie.  It will now be her responsibility to keep the life and legacy of her dad alive for us.

It is a legacy which is both burden and blessing.  Whatever the burden Lisa Marie has carried all her life being Elvis Presley’s daughter, she has carried it to the best of her ability.  To be sure, she sometimes carried it well, while at other times it became too heavy of a burden.  Through it all she survived.  Perhaps, she has now accepted the responsibility and chose the Candlelight Vigil to show us all she will continue to share her dad with us.  The only thing we should say in return is “Thank you.”

Lisa Marie Quote

Thank you.


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