Forever Elvis

MEMPHIS, TN.  The Elvis Presley Forever stamp was dedicated on the grounds of Graceland with the historical home of Elvis in the background.  Postmaster General, Megan Brennan, shared the details of the design and its symbolic representations about the most influential, American artist in music history.

The face is instantly recognizable.  It’s the face of a very young Elvis Presley based on a 1955 photo taken here in Memphis at the William Speer Studio a year after he recorded his first single.  It’s the handsome face all of America was getting to know.

On the stamp you will see his signature in gold accompanied by a small gold crown in recognition of his enduring legacy as the King of Rock & Roll. You will notice the crown sits between two other words: Forever and USA.  It is our way of saying that Elvis Presley will forever live in our culture and in our memories.

Click here to read the story about Elvis Presley’s first publicity photo session at the William Speer Studio.


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