You Might be an ETA Fan If…

  1. …you name your pets after your favorite ETAs.
  2. …you adopt an ETA as your own child regardless of their age.
  3. …you use a stage name at work and you are not an ETA.
  4. …you tattoo a portrait of your favorite ETA somewhere on your body.
  5. …you start believing you are an ETA despite your spouse telling you otherwise.
  6. …you buy tickets for an ETA concert instead of medicine for your loved ones.
  7. …your second home is the Las Vegas Hotel.
  8. …your vacation days are scheduled around ETA concerts.
  9. …you qualify your future spouse using ETA contest rules.
  10. …you pass out signed autograph pictures of yourself to ETAs.
  11. …you can make a king size quilt from all the scarves you’ve collected.
  12. …you have more ETAs on your Facebook friend’s list than personal friends you actually know.
  13. …you believe a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich is a food group.
  14. …you dress up like your favorite ETA every Halloween.
  15. …your collection of ETAs singing Elvis songs on your iPod rivals your collection of actual songs sung by Elvis.
  16. …you’re on your 11th ETA autograph book.
  17. …your children all have Elvis 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s hairstyles.
  18. …you’re an ETA fan, but not an Elvis fan.
  19. …your dishes are stacked in the sink, the laundry is piled up in every room, and you haven’t dusted since the last ETA concert.
  20. …you don’t know an Elvis song unless an ETA sings it.
  21. …you attend another entertainer’s concert and feel like you’re cheating on your favorite ETA.
  22. …you Photoshop yourself into an ETA’s Christmas photo and send it to your friends.
  23. …you photo bomb every ETA photo.
  24. …you start a Facebook page and name it Pompadour: A Tribute to Tribute Artists.
  25. …you become an ETA.

Thank you to all the ETAs for keeping the memory of Elvis alive for all the fans around the world.


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