Elvis the Penguin Rocks it Like Elvis!

LAS VEGAS, NV.  Elvis the Penguin made his stunning debut performance at the Wildlife Habitat on the grounds of the Flamingo Hotel & Casino to rave reviews.  Hatched with a natural pompadour, adorable good looks, smoldering eyes, and a beautiful voice, Elvis the Penguin rocked it like Elvis to the excited cheers of adoring fans.

It started out a little shaky during rehearsals inside the penguin exhibit when the little penguin improvised by painting his feet blue to look like blue suede shoes.  The rest of the penguins and stuffy flamingos doubled over laughing.  Poor Elvis the Penguin was humiliated and it wasn’t the only time when things took a turn for the worse.

Earlier in his career Elvis the Penguin had all but given up.  Nothing seemed to go right.  He was bullied for being different, ridiculed because of his pompadour, and there was a stint in solitary confinement after an attempted escape.  He was about to hang it all up and become an ordinary penguin until one of the showgirls visiting the exhibit noticed his pompadour.  She said, “Aren’t you a charmer.  And you have an adorable pompadour!  I bet you’d make a great Elvis impersonator.”

That was all the encouragement Elvis the Penguin needed to start living his dream paying tribute to the life, music, and legacy of the King of Rock & Roll.  Families can follow the entertaining, exciting journey of a brave, ordinary penguin who becomes an extraordinary penguin pursuing his dream in a new children’s book.

Elvis the Penguin is Kara Casanova’s debut children’s book about a unique penguin following his dream and overcoming the obstacles to live it out.  The story is both an inspirational and relevant one as it introduces children to Elvis and his legacy.  The story line unpretentiously weaves the subjects of anti-bullying, self acceptance, overcoming adversity and the value of enduring friendships.  Challenges all children face pursuing their dreams.

Equally important, the story treats Elvis Presley with respect for his contribution to music and American culture.  The story is made more unique by the respectful inclusion of Elvis Impersonators/Elvis Tribute Artists captured accurately in the colorful, colored-pencil illustrations by artist Anne Lipscomb.  You won’t see any caricatures of Elvis in this story, but you will see some of the challenges ETAs must overcome to live out their dream to sing like the King of Rock & Roll.

It’s the perfect book introducing the next generation of Elvis fans to the life, music and legacy of Elvis Presley.  The book is available through online retailers Amazon, Ingrams, Barnes & Noble, and Good Reads.

Contact Information

Baton Rouge, LA 70806
(225) 324-1890


2 thoughts on “Elvis the Penguin Rocks it Like Elvis!

  1. Jim and I were extremely blessed and honored to have had a very tiny part in this great little book. You see, Kara and I connected on Facebook and became fast friends. Kara got connected to Pompadour on Facebook and when she saw Jim’s photos of all the ETAs she asked her illustrator, Anne Lipscomb, to use the photos as a guideline for the ETA illustrations. How cool is that? Kara gives us a shout out in her acknowledgments–Heartfelt thanks go to Jeanne and Jim Kendall of Pompadour: A Tribute to Tribute Artists for their countless means of support and friendship, and for allowing their ETA photos to be used as guidelines for the ETA illustrations.

    Get your copy of Elvis the Penguin today! 🙂


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