“I Didn’t Do It” Documentary

Paul-Kevin-Curtis-mugshot-27984514TUPELO, MS.  A new documentary about ETA Paul Kevin Curtis and the events of the ricin-laced letters mailed to President Barack Obama and Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker is in production.  The documentary is being produced by Velvet Ditch Productions, LLC and chronicles Curtis’ life during his extraordinary inclusion as a suspect and the impact the event has had on his life.

Click HERE for the video teaser.

“I Didn’t Do It” will be a feature length documentary that examines the personal tribulations of Paul Kevin Curtis after he was framed for an attempt to assassinate the President of the United States through the use of ricin in the mail. The film follows Curtis through what happened when he became a terrorism suspect, the national media attention during and after and his attempt to return to a normal life. Despite his innocence, Curtis struggles with onlookers, continued media interviews and continued judgement from the outside world.

Pompadour followed the course of events when the fascinating news broke out about an ETA arrested during the investigation.

Curtis follows my blog and is also on our Facebook page and has made comments on both.  Most recently he made the following comment on my Rigged or Just Paid Dues? article.

I know what I know. I went undercover years ago after Seeing with my own eyes PROOF the ETA contests from Mississippi to Tennessee to Louisiana to Illinois were RIGGED. I could name names NOW but I would prob be sued and since I am sitting on top of Millions now due to the MASS CORRUPTION in Mississippi, being FRAMED countless times & gang stalked, well, I will keep the identities silent (for now) but be watching for my book “Missing Pieces” a TELL ALL NOVEL my friends. Elvis is sure to turn over in his grave & curl his lip when it hits the book stores and stands!

This is KC & I approve this message.

I am looking forward to this documentary which is scheduled to be completed by 2014.

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