Facebook Personal Page vs. Facebook Fan Page


Dear Pompadour,

My popularity as an ETA is growing and I am getting hundreds of friend requests from fans and now have over 500 friends.  Only 20 of them are my real friends!  While I adore my fans and appreciate their support, I need to keep my friends separate from my fans on Facebook.  I need to be able to separate my personal Facebook presence from my professional Facebook presence.  Even Clark Kent wasn’t Superman 24/7.  Help!


Super Duper Popular ETA

Dear Super Duper,

I feel your pain and you are not alone.  There are several popular ETAs on Facebook who are trying to migrate their 5,000 “friends” from their personal Facebook page to a Facebook fan page.  Their encouragement and direction to have all their fans “Like” their fan page are failing.  Some have created a second personal Facebook account which sounds like a good idea, but it’s not the best solution.  Instead of dealing with one personal Facebook account now they’re dealing with two personal accounts.  Double the work.  Double the updates.  Double the frustration.

5,000 is the maximum number of people any one person can have on their personal Facebook friend’s list.  Facebook fan pages offer unlimited “likes” and keeps your personal Facebook page separate from your Facebook fan page.  Start it today before it’s too late.  Some folks may take offense if you start deleting them from your personal Facebook friend’s list if they don’t take the initiative and like your fan page.  Therefore, it’s better to start your Facebook fan page sooner than later.

Once you start a fan page you have to keep it updated regularly and keep it interesting.  That’s a full time job.  Otherwise the page will just stagnate.  If you don’t have the time to manage the page yourself, appoint a page manager or administrator who is well versed in maintaining Facebook pages.

Well, Super Duper, I hope that helps.  Good luck and keep rockin’ it like Elvis.

This if not a real letter from an ETA, but I’ve noticed a few popular ETAs who have thousands of “friends” and have reached their Facebook friend’s list capacity.  It’s unlikely they were expecting to have so many friends, but now that they do they are having challenges encouraging them to like their fan pages.  This parody is just a way to forewarn full time ETAs to start a fan page now before it’s too late.


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