My Elvis Epiphany

My Elvis EpiphanyRIVERSIDE, CA.  I’ve learned many ETAs have had an Elvis ephiphany.  It is a defining moment when they encounter Elvis and it changes their lives.  The encounter can happen at any moment and at any age.  The moment can be as mundane as watching a contest and thinking, “I can do that.”  For some the moment was a life saving experience when they were on the verge of suicide.  Others were children as young as three, four, or five years old who heard an Elvis song, or watched one of his movies, or saw an ETA performance.

The beauty of an epiphanic moment is it can come at any time in the most unexpected circumstance.

This is a series of stories I’ve titled My Elvis Epiphany.  It is about ETAs and their Elvis epiphanies in their own words.  For every ETA who chooses to participate there are three questions to answer.

  1. When did you encounter Elvis?
  2. What was going on in your life when the encounter happened?
  3. Why Elvis?

If you have had an Elvis epiphany and want to share it please email your story to:  In the subject box enter My Elvis Epiphany. 

Click HERE for My Elvis Epiphany stories.

The stories will be in your own words; therefore, I will not be editing them because I want the stories to come from your heart and mind.  However, if you want me to rewrite it, I am happy to oblige, but you’ll need to let me know.  Include a picture or two, if you want, and a website link if you have one.


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