Rob Ely Charms, Dazzles, & Rocks Pala Resort

PALA, CA.  Northern California’s premiere early Elvis Tribute Artist brought his 1950’s tribute show down to Southern California at the  Pala Resort & Casino.  The Infinity Room was packed with over 700 members of the 60+ Privileges Club and treated to an Elvis Presley rock and roll concert by Rob Ely.

He charmed them.  He dazzled them.  He rocked them and left them wanting more.

Rob is a confident entertainer bringing to life an authentic early Elvis on stage by matching his look, dress, and unique, energetic singing style.  The audience may have been packed with senior citizens, but as soon as Rob stepped on stage they acted like teenagers seeing Elvis for the first time.


It’s not surprising to see audiences get excited over Rob’s tribute to Elvis.  He has 17 years experience as a vocalist/performer entertaining people and is a good study of Elvis.  Like many ETAs, his admiration for Elvis started at a young age.  He remembers listening to Elvis on vinyl records and 8-track tapes when he was five or six years old and thought, “Elvis is cool.”  His mom, dad, and grandmother were all Elvis fans surrounding the young, future ETA with Elvis memorablia and exposing Rob to the music of the King of Rock and Roll.

The desire to sing has always been a dream for Rob, but it wasn’t until his young adult years when he took those first courageous steps to let the world hear his voice.  One day he took a small recorder in his room and recorded a few songs.  A few musician friends came across the recording, heard it, liked it, and encouraged Rob to sing.  He took their encouragement to heart and started his singing career.

Though Elvis was always a big part of Rob’s life, his music career began by singing country songs with a band in San Jose, CA.  After five years of singing country music the band transitioned into playing rockabilly, 1950’s music, and eventually a full tribute to Elvis.  Rob’s course from country music to ETA reads like the familiar path of Elvis whose own course started in gospel music, rhythmn and blues, and other southern genres, blended together into the sound called rock and roll.

The same transition happened again when Rob teamed up with his twin brother, Mike, for a country duo.  They cleverly called themselves DoubleTake and over time incorporated 1950’s music, Elvis music, and switched to a 1950/1960’s show.  The show also includes Rob doing a tribute to Buddy Holly.

Rob’s impressive résumé is a testament to his successful Elvis tribute.

  • EP Expo – 2nd Place, twice
  • Elvis Rocks Mesquite – 3rd Place overall, 1st Place for 1950s, 2nd Place for 1960s (2013)
  • Elvis at Thunder Valley Casino – Best Overall (2013)
  • Laughlin Elvis Fest – 1st Place (2013)
  • Rockin’ Elvis Fest – 3rd Place (2012)
  • Rockin’ Elvis Fest – 2nd Place (2013)
  • Ultimate Elvis Weekend, Las Vegas – 3rd Place (2012)

It would seem the course of Rob’s career always lead to Elvis.  He covers all eras of Elvis’ career through the 50s, 60s, and 70s and plays 60-70 shows each year for private events, corporate shows, and theatre productions.  There is no sign of it slowing down.

One could say, portraying Elvis is meant to be for Rob.   He is ranked in the Top 29 ETAs in the world by Elvis Presley Enterprises Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest.  Considering there are approximately 60,000 ETAs paying tribute to Elvis, ranking in the Top 29 is validation Rob is one of the best, and doing what he should be doing.


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