New West Coast ETA Contest

CORONA, CA.  Chris Hernandez of CH Star Productions/Scrappy Cat Entertainment is producing a new West Coast ETA contest in Southern CA.

TCB Flash Band

TCB Flash Band video:  Memories

Hernandez has an extensive background in entertainment, producing, and is a an accomplished musician with 50 years of experience in the industry.  He recently produced the Rockin’ Beach Blast at the Grove Theater in Upland, CA featuring acts by Chris Luna (Elvis, Tom Jones, Blues Brothers), Martin Anthony (Elvis, Johnny Cash, Blues Brothers), Megan Walker (Ann Margaret, Annette Funicello), and the Beach Boys tribute band, the Nocturnes.  It was one of the theater’s most successful musical events of the summer.

Presently, Hernandez tours throughout California with the TCB Flash Band as the lead guitarist and band manager.  The band will back up the ETAs for two rounds of the contest and possibly all three rounds.

Hernandez has posted a tentative synopsis for the rounds, judging, and cash prize awards.  His goal is to produce a fair contest which awards all participants to 10th place.  In addition, the contest will be limited to 30 ETAs competing in three rounds over 2-3 day period with different judges for each round.

The scoring will use the familiar point system utilized at most ETA contests which have duplicated Elvis Presley Enterprises’ scoring methods.  (Click on photo to enlarge it.)

EPE Score Sheet

EPE Score Sheet

Round 1/Day 1 will consist of a preliminary to divide the ETAs into three groups of 10 decided by the points scored in this round from low to high.

Round 2/Day 2 preliminary will have each of the groups from Round 1 perform with four (4) new judges and a new venue.  Each ETA will only be scored and judged in the group they are assigned.  Group 1 will be judged separately from Groups 2 and 3.  Group 2 will be judged separately from Groups 1 and 3.  Group 3 will judged separately from Groups 1 and 2.

Round 3/Day 3 will be the finals with different judges and a different venue.  Again each group will be judged separately and by new judges with new scores.

The $8,100 cash prize will be divided equally between the groups and distributed from first place to 10th place.  All three groups will divide $2,700 each among the place holders.

  • 1st Place – $1,000
  • 2nd Place – $500
  • 3rd Place thru 8th Place – $100
  • 9th Place – $200
  • 10th Place – $500

Simply, there will be three rounds.  Each round will be judged by a different group of judges at different venues.  Cash prizes will be awarded to all participants.

Standing out in the cash prize awards is $500 to 10th place.  Hernandez explained the reason for the three $500 prizes awarded for 10th place is out of respect for all their hard work and love for the King of Rock & Roll.  That’s an interesting way to award each contestant.  Everyone comes out a winner.

The contest is scheduled for November or December, therefore, the judging criteria, prize awards and other aspects of the contest are subject to change as the contest is in development.

I think it’ll be an interesting and exciting contest.  Hernandez believes it will be the show of the year.  Perhaps, it will be a show to reinvent the ETA contest genre and dispel some of the controversy plaguing similar ETA contests.

Pompadour will keep you updated as the event unfolds.  Till then, keep rockin’ it like Elvis.


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