The Perfect Illusion

LAS VEGAS, NV.  When people share high opinions about an ETA the expectations are set high.  Our expectations were set high for the 2012 UETAC winner Ben Portsmouth.  We got a hint of his talent during the Las Vegas Elvis Fest Heart of the King Awards where he sang a few songs and our expectations rose higher.  It was at the Elvis & Friends After Hours Concert where our expectations were met exponentially.

He had the look of Elvis with strong, high cheek bones, slender nose, and charming smile.  His dark, wavy hair became a mussed shag drenched by sweat after Suspicious Minds.  He has the right build to fill the iconic jumpsuits.  Looks aside, Portsmouth has the talent as a singer, songwriter, and musician with the experience to command the stage with an Elvis charisma.  For 45 minutes we were treated to a talented entertainer who made you believe Elvis was on stage.  It was a perfect illusion of the King of Rock and Roll.  The pictures tell the story…

Ben Portsmouth:  Taking Care of Elvis


18 thoughts on “The Perfect Illusion

  1. You have captured the essence of Ben Portsmouth as Elvis, he has it all by far and should have his own headline show in the USA, He is fabulous and Thank you so much for sharing this great article with us fans.


  2. Ben is outstanding on stage, the perfect fit, charming, sexy and talented. He surely raised the bar on the ETA business and I really wish him a long successful career. Love you, Ben!!


  3. Ben was fantastic..he was mesmerizing with his talent and and tribute to Elvis!! I wish him continued success and many blessings and I was soo lucky to see him perform at the Elvis & Friends After Hours Concert at LVH and even got a scarf and kiss from him (I’m the dark-haired female pictured kissing him with my eyes closed :)…love you Ben and hope you come to CA in the future! Great article and pictures 🙂


  4. Saw him in Vegas a couple of weeks ago – like watching the real thing – he most definitely should have his own headline show in Vegas – I was a little disappointed that they did not Bring Ben on more over the 3 day ETA – he is DELICIOUS!!


  5. Ben looks so much like Elvis! He sounds like him, everything he does invokes The King.
    Ben is a real sweetheart too. I wish I could see him in person.


  6. When I first saw him on Letterman, I was stunned it was as if Elvis were back. Then I went to YouTube and watched the videos, I told people to watch he was the closest thing ever to Elvis, which he is and remains. But, a funny thing happened along the way, I got to see him in person and although I think of Elvis it is truly all about Ben now. The actions off stage are all his and they are every bit as charismatic in real life, and drop dead gorgeous. He is the real thing bc he is Ben, just as sexy, just as talented. He does a wonderful job acting the Elvis Part and a even better one being his own drop dead killer hot self. Which btw he is not at all conceited which makes him even more attractive.


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