Just Sing it, Man

LAS VEGAS HOTEL.  Expectations are high this weekend for the Las Vegas Elvis Fest Heart of the King competitors.  The stage where Elvis stood will be walked upon by 30 ETAs.  Every patent leather boot of each competitor will figuratively, and literally, step in his footsteps from stage left to stage right.

Every ETA looks in the mirror, judges himself, and sizes himself up against the competition.  He knows his strengths and the competition’s strengths, but fights through the fear and doubt while keeping his eyes on the prize.  He knows he must do his best to win.  Every lyric, every note, and every move is rehearsed in his head over and over again until the emcee announces his name.  He steps out on stage in a ray of blinding light to thundering applause and realizes it’s not really about the prize.  The prize is just the finish line.  It’s about what he will do with the song in the next three or four minutes when the music is cued.  ~Words of Encouragement

Las Vegas Elvis Fest 2013

Las Vegas Elvis Fest 2013

Can you imagine the moment of how it feels for the man standing in the spotlight on center stage?  The showroom is dark and the audience is hushed.  The only sound is the band tuning their instruments.  A twang of the guitar on the right followed by a thump, thump, thump of the bass from the left synchronizing and waiting for the right moment. The pianist softly plinks a few notes in unison with the drums making sure the timing is perfect.

The spotlight shines hotly on the singer whose goal is to win, but his desire is to honor Elvis.  There is a moment of doubt blazing through his mind like a wildfire when he catches a glimpse of a man in the wings hiding in the shadow.  The silhouette is familiar.  The music cues and a voice whispers, “Just sing it, man.  That’s all I did.”

Good luck to the competing ETAs.  Rock it like Elvis and have fun.

Rock it Like Elvis

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