Tyler James Lives the Dream

LAS VEGAS, NV.  Tyler James is living his dream.   He is the Fremont Street Experience ETA performing weekly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to large crowds rocking out to the notstalgia of Elvis.

We made a pit stop on Fremont Street to catch Tyler’s show on our way out to Elvis Rocks Mesquite.  Mesquite is about one hour north of Las Vegas providing a great rest stop to enjoy a bit of Elvis and hang out with our friends Elissa (Tyler’s wife) and Allison who is a big Elvis fan and adores Tyler.  It was our first time seeing Tyler showcase and show off his talent.

We have only seen Tyler perform in Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contests when there is so much intensity to make an impression on the judges.  You really can’t judge an ETA by his peformance in a contest.  The intensity to perform an accurate Elvis image, voice, and song in order to win can overshadow an ETA’s real talent and personality.  It doesn’t mean a contest performance can’t wow the audience and judges, but it does mean we miss out on what they can really do.

Tyler showed us what he could do.  He was fantastic!  Superb!  So much so, it was easy to forget he was singing to music tracks.  He was charming, engaged the audience, showed his sense of humor, and demonstrated the power of his voice with American Triology, If I Can Dream, and Now or Never.  Tyler also tossed in a few lesser known Elvis songs like Adam and Evil showing us he is a good study of Elvis.  He was living the dream on the Fremont stage and drew us all into it to share the experience.

Arkansas to Hawaii to Las Vegas was the path Tyler took to live out his dream.  His hometown is Ft. Smith, AK which is only five hours away from Memphis, TN which allowed him to visit Graceland many times.  It was those trips to the home of the legendary Elvis that instilled a dream into the heart of a young boy.  Tyler followed that dream to Las Vegas where it is lived it out before thousands of fans every week.  Where his dream will take Tyler is still unfolding with every song.

Keep living the dream.  Keep following the dream.  Thank you, Tyler James, for sharing your dream with Elvis fans from all over the world and keeping his memory alive.

If I Can Dream

If I Can Dream


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