Elvis Laughlin Fest: Winners

LAUGHLIN, NV.  Rob Ely wins his ticket to Memphis to compete for the crown of Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist.


Rob Ely as Elvis, was phenomenal. While other impersonators try too hard, he was positively authentic. His voice, movements and physical appearance were incredibly accurate. He brought back Elvis’ heart and soul to the stage and transcended the audience. Rob’s own warmth and charm was as genuine as the King himself. He made himself accessible to a very appreciative audience. Rob Ely is professional and a gentleman.  ~Sharon Ziegenbein (client who hired Rob Ely)

Laughlin Elvis Fest came to an exciting end with Chris Luna taking the silver for second and Mark Stevenz taking home the bronze for third.  Each winner received a handsome sum of cash for their superb performances.

Rounding out the Top 5 winners:  Jimmi Ellis (4th) and Shane Paterson (5th).

Laughlin Elvis Fest was a week long celebration beginning with Justin Shandor showcasing on May 21st, followed by a showcase starring Donny Edwards the next night.  The rest of the week was all about the ETAs and culminated with crowning the winner on Sunday night.  For the fans it was a raving success and I hope for producer, Kurt Brown, it was a financial success and the spark for an annual Laughlin Elvis Fest.


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