Ultimate Elvis Weekend Begins

Fremont Street Experience

LAS VEGAS,  NV.  We arrived safely at the Golden Nugget, checked in, settled in, then took a stroll down Fremont Street.  Our Ultimate Elvis weekend started by eating at a recommended Mexican restaurant called Zaba’s Mexican Grill for a tasty, quick bite to eat.

Zaba's Mexican Grill

So far the only VIPS we have bumped into are our good friends Zach and his lovely gal, Kris, groovin’ to the classic rock sounds banged out by Yellow Brick Road.  YBR rocked Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Journey and many other classic hits from 70s and 80s.  It was gnarly!

Yellow Brick Road

The enormous, jumbotron scaling the length of Fremont rocked out Queen’s We Will Rock You.  One odorous fella was really rockin’ it.  He was very passionate and expressive with his mini street show.

Tonight is the first night of Elvis Ultimate Weekend contest and it is going to rock.  Lots of pictures to come and stories to share so you can share in the Fremont Street Experience with us.  Good luck to all the ETAs competing.

Shake, rattle, and roll!


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