Jailhouse Rock Blues

DES MOINES, IA.  Paul Kevin Curtis is not the only ETA who has had trouble with the law.  The Huffington Post reports Mickey King was in a 30 hour stand off with Des Moines police.  Their ordeals have brought national attention to ETAs and Elvis Impersonators.

Micky King, who is a longtime Elvis Presley impersonator in the area, allegedly called authorities on Saturday evening asking for assistance with a dispute. But when they showed up and began talking to him, he appeared to become more upset, KCCI-TV reported.

Micky King

Micky King

Read more:  Micky King, Elvis Impersonator, Arrested After 30-hour Standoff With Des Moines Police.  Be sure to check out the video on the Huffington Post reporting past ETAs arrested for breaking the law.

ETAs busted:  Michael Conely, David Allen Credile, Joseph E. Ramsey, and Darin Thrasher.

I researched the internet and discovered some very interesting stories about each of these ETAs.

Michael Conely was convicted of murdering a Canadian tourist in 1990 and sentenced to life in prison.  The conviction was overturned in 1992.  Read more:  Elvis Impersonator Found Guilty Murdering Canadian Tourist.

Joseph E. Ramsey and his wife were convicted of welfare fraud.

Darin Trasher was busted for drugs, but gets a second chance and avoids a jail sentence.  It looks like he took his second chance seriously, reformed, and moved forward with his ETA career.  Website:  David Thrasher is Elvis.  Read more:  Elvis Impersonator Gets Second Chance, Avoids Drug Case.


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