ETA Suspect Claims He is Framed

OXFORD, MS.  Suspect ETA, Paul Kevin Curtis, claims he was framed.  A third hearing regarding the allegations of his involvement in the ricin-lace letters sent to President Obama and Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker has been cancelled.  Instead a news conference is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. CDT.

Ricin Letters Suspect: Hearing To Focus On Paul Kevin Curtis’ Mental State

“There was no apparent ricin, castor beans or any material there that could be used for the manufacturing, like a blender or something,” Grant testified. He speculated that Curtis could have thrown away the processor. Grant said technicians are now doing a “deep dive” on the suspect’s computers after initially finding no “dirty words” indicating Curtis had searched for information on ricin.

The only evidence obtained so far are the similarities of the phrases used to sign the letters by the sender and Curtis’ online postings.   The letters were signed “I am KC and I approve this letter.”  Curtis signed off on his comments with “This is Kevin Curtis and I approve this message.”

PKC Comment

It appears there is not enough physical evidence, or any physical evidence, linking Curtis to the letters.  Despite the lack of physical evidence FBI Agent Brandon Grant still believes they have the right man.

Given the right mindset and the Internet and the acquisition of material, other people could be involved. However, given information right now, we believe we have the right individual.

A gut feeling is a far cry from physical evidence to determine a person’s involvement in an assassination plot against political leaders.

This whole case has been intriguing because of the suspect’s link to the ETA industry coupled with allegations about his mental state and his own political opinions posted on his Facebook page.  Now another twist is added with claims of a set up by a bitter neighbor or business associate as truth continues to be stranger than fiction.

Could this be a case of wag the dog?  Allegations about an FBI screw up regarding the Boston bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, are emerging as other allegations about the ricin-laced letters case get more bizarre.

I can’t wait for the movie.  I wonder which ETA will be selected to portray Curtis.

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