Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

LAS VEGAS, NV.  We have secured our tickets and reservations at the Las Vegas Hotel for the 2013 Elvis Festival, but it was not a pleasant experience.  If it weren’t for the nostalgic venue and it being central to the Elvis Festival I would spend my hard earned cash at another, better, modern, friendlier, and more accomodating casino.  Useless is the word which comes to mind when I think of the staff of LVH whose unhappiness for their jobs is extended to the paying customers.

This isn’t the first time we experienced their indifferent hospitality.  We stayed there last December while visiting to see ETA, Steve Connelly’s show at the M Resort Spa Casino.  The casino is old, smells old, and looks old, outdated and should be razed.  It’s no wonder the Hilton dumped it.

My wife was on hold with the LVH for an hour and a half in order to purchase our tickets for the festival.  When someone finally took the call my wife said, in a friendly tone, “Wow, I’ve been on hold for an hour and a half.”  The response from the indifferent, job-hating, LVH female staff member:  A stupid giggle.  However, I cannot entirely hold the staff at fault because I know, after 10 years in the customer service business, the fault lies with the managment and ultimately with the owners.

Wayne Harris w/my Jeanne Marie (my wife)

Wayne Harris w/Jeanne Marie (my wife)

The best thing about the LVH is security guard, Wayne Harris, and his lovely wife.  Wayne knew Elvis and provided security for him when he performed at the hotel.  Wayne gives tours of the hotel, shares his wonderful stories about Elvis, and is a lovable, likable fella.  He loves people, especially Elvis fans, and is always happy to make time to talk.  He is the only other reason we ever return to the LVH. The sad thing about the LVH is they could do so much with the hotel and it’s legendary entertainer, but the staff, management, and owners are recluse from the obvious opportunity.  It could be the premiere Elvis casino.

Regardless, the LVH is just a place to sleep while we rock out with the ETAs, our friends, and enjoy the memory of Elvis.  It will still be a great time in despite of the inhospitality.

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