ETAs and Fans Respond to Suspect Paul Kevin Curtis

RIVERSIDE, CA.  Fans and ETAs are responding to the arrest of Paul Kevin Curtis who is the suspect allegedly sending ricin-laced letters to President Obama and Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker.

With regard to so called ETA Kevin Curtis and the allegation that he tried to kill President Obama, I just do not know how starved the US media must be for a story that they chase down any obscure angle and blow it out of all proportion. This ALLEGED perpetrator was NOT a key figure in ETA world any more than any other PROVEN felon was a key figure in whatever “world” they were involved in. If a murderer happens to have once worked for McDonalds do the US media harass every hamburger joint in America? Of course the ALLEGED actions of this man have absolutely NO connection to ETA world, EEN, EPE or Elvis Presley! THIS guy was an ETA in the 1990’s!!! (And not a very good one at that).  ~Davis B L Johnstone, Elvis 24/7 Radio

Ricin Suspect Paul Kevin Curtis has Colorful Past

Curtis may not have been a key figure in the ETA world, but the fact he impersonated Elvis from as far back as 1982 makes him an ETA regardless of his talent.  Some reports about his talent state he is good while others comment he wasn’t very good at all, but that’s a regular debate about any ETA.  Elvis Presley was the greatest entertainer to ever walk the stage and his influence continues to this day in ETAs and fans throughout the world.   Obviously, the media will latch onto this and sensationalize it because Elvis is still a huge star 35 years after his death.  The articles posted on Pompadour’s Facebook page went viral within 15 minutes because it has an impact on fans and ETAs alike.  (Our Facebook stats for the page say it reached 1824 people.)

Basically, Elvis was the biggest entertainer there ever was or ever will be.  Of course the media is going to jump on that so you can’t really compare it to someone at McDonalds being a felon.  ~Lisa L. Lyttle, Sin City Entertainment

Fans, ETAs, and others involved in the industry understand Curtis is not a representation of the sane entertainers paying tribute to Elvis and other celebrities.  Some are eccentric, but sane, talented, and true entertainers.

There is a positive spin on this story.  It is again drawing attention to ETAs like Letterman’s ETA week did in February which showcased some of the best ETAs in the world.  News agencies have contacted several ETAs and other tribute professionals for interviews.

I don’t like the way the articles say “Elvis” in quotes when referring to any ETA but tomorrow there will be an interview at my office, Channel 3 news, Las Vegas, and two Elvis Tribute Artists can set things straight about this bad apple NOT ruining the whole bunch.  ~Lisa L. Lyttle, Sin City Entertainment

ETA, Jesse Aron has posted on his Facebook status that he and Nance Fox of the Elvis Tribute Artist Network have been contacted for interviews.

Jesse Aron

Paul-Kevin-Curtis-mugshot-27984514Opportunities to set things straight and shed some light on the positive aspects of ETAs are coming from this sensational story which has affected many of us to some degree.  We admire Elvis and are offended when his image is portrayed inaccurately or when the image of ETAs are lumped into the label of the bizarre.  We know it’s not true, but we live in an imperfect, sensational world.  Occasionally, it is showcased on the world stage of media.  Eventually the story will die and be replaced by another one.

From ETA to Suspected Domestic Terrorist

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