From ETA to Suspected Domestic Terrorist

TUPELO, MS.  Truth is stranger than fiction!  An ETA is a suspected domestic terrorist.  Paul Kevin Curtis is the suspect arrested and “accused of sending ricin-laced letters to Barack Obama and Republican Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi, and possibly other government officials.”

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The article reporting the arrest describes Curtis as:

a celebrity impersonator of everyone from Johnny Cash to Prince to Kenny Chesney. He appears to be the same Curtis who claimed, in a comment under this article on an Elvis website, to have  gone “undercover” to expose corruption in Elvis impersonation contests.

Curtis’ undercover work to expose the corruption in ETA contests began in 2000 according to his own comment posted on in 2005 and probably provided a clue leading to his arrest.

PKC Comment

Notice how he signed off on the comment with “This is Kevin Curtis and I approve this message.”  The ricin-laced letters were signed “I am KC and I approve this message.”  There were also similarities between these letters and ricin-laced letters sent to President George W. Bush in 2003 from someone calling himself Fallen Angel.  However, despite the similarities the FBI seems to have ruled out Curtis and Fallen Angel as the same person.

It’s amazingly bizarre an ETA is a suspect for such a heinous crime.  Curtis is only a suspect at this time as authorities continue with their investigation.

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