Meet Jeff Howe

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA.  Jeff Howe is the artist who created the Elvis silhouette once mounted on the Elvis Presley Estate in Palm Springs.  It was recently removed, and hidden, by evicted co-owner, Reno Fontana in an ongoing legal battle regarding ownership of the home.

Looks Like Reno Fontana is a Swindler and an Art Thief


Curious about who Jeff Howe is I decided to look him up and found his blog showcasing his artwork.

Jeff’s love affair with the arts began as just that-a love affair. Having worked in the construction industry in his high school years, Jeff went on to start a family before joining the US Army in 1995 as a helicopter mechanic for the 82nd Airborne Division.  While there he began to make furniture for his loving family back home.  His first original art piece was an Artist Pallet Coffee Table made from rock maple and bloodwood.  After serving as a Veteran of Foreign Wars and being awarded a NATO Peacekeeping Medal, Jeff returned home and formed JC Howe Construction in 2001 with a niche in high end custom cabinetry.

I do not personally know Howe, but I like him simply from his short blog posts, photos of his artwork and interesting bio.  Moreover, I hope to meet him since he lives nearby in Orange County.  Hopefully, the ordeal over the Elvis silhouette will not discourage him from creating more Elvis artwork and the missing silhouette will be found and returned to its rightful creator.

If you are interested in Howe’s artwork he can be contacted by clicking HERE.


3 thoughts on “Meet Jeff Howe

  1. Wow Jim, Thank you very much for your interest in me. I would love to meet you as well.I would also like to thank you for my introduction to your readers. I hope one day to get my artwork back, however I am not holding my breath. So I get knocked down a peg, I get up and move forward. Art is in my blood, Elvis is a big inspiration to me. More is to come. Thank you,
    Jeff Howe


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