The Circle G Ranch: Where the King Became a Cowboy

HORN LAKE, MS.  Efforts are being made by a charitable organization based in the United Kingdom to save Elvis Presley’s ranch in Missisppi.  It’s present condition is the worse for wear and in danger of disappearing forever from years of neglect.

Circle G Ranch.  Horn Lake, MS.

Circle G Ranch. Horn Lake, MS.

Horn Lake, MS is a suburb of its neighbor Memphis, TN about 20 miles south from Graceland.  Circlel G Ranch is reported by Elvis’ close friends as a place where Elvis had some of his happiest moments.

What seemed like a new life had begun. I look back at those weeks as a remarkable lull in the middle of a storm. Elvis was between pictures. I’ve never seen him so ‘free’.  He was having fun… He liked it when everyone was together, and he got upset when they wanted to leave… It wasn’t unusual to see him walking around the property, knocking on doors, waking everyone up, or checking on the horses in the early morning hours.  He was having a ball, and there were days he didn’t even want to take time out to eat… On Sundays we had picnics, and all the girls chipped in on potluck.  We rode horses, held skeet shooting contests, and combed the lake for turtles and snakes.  There was fun, laughter, and a lot of camaraderie…It was almost like a commune effect.  ~Priscilla Presley.  Elvis’ Circle G Ranch — Part 2.  Elvis Blog.  03/09/2013.

“It was almost like a commune effect.”  The ranch was a place of refuge where Elvis could get away from his King of Rock & Roll persona and simply be a cowboy with his closest friends.

It’s location near Graceland seems to be an ideal investment to piggyback on the tourist traffic from Graceland and overflow into the ranch.  Ample opportunity seems to be apparent with the right investors who can foresee the potential of the ranch to attract Elvis fans from around the world.  Hopefully efforts by the Friends of Elvis Save the Circle G campaign will raise the money to purchase and restore Elvis’ favorite cowboy hideaway.  Y’all can help by making donations to the charity at the Circle G Foundation website.

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