Reno Fontana Wants Top Search Engine Ranking

PALM SPRINGS, CA.  Reno Fontana, evicted co-owner of the Elvis Presley Estate in Palm Springs, requests favorable reporting for his side of the story by local newspaper publication, Desert Vortex News (DVN) and the reporter covering the story, Dean M. Gray.  Moreover, Fontana “demands top search engine ranking for his side of the story” from the publication, but top ranking in search engines is not something DVN can control.

We have no authority over Google or Bing or any other search engine that allows us to dictate how their search engines place our stories in the results of an internet search. That notion is absurd. We find it highly objectionable to have received a request that we somehow manipulate the news in that manner.

There are methods to increase relevancy to make stories more visible on search engines, but DVN is a local publication and probably does not see a need to increase the relevancy of the story.

DVN wants to report and publish Fontana’s side of the story.  The problem is Fontana continues to break his promises to meet with their staff and provide documentation refuting the allegations against him.

Reno Fontana perfidiously spoke with this publication by telephone, promising to meet and share supporting documents. That never happened. The following are earlier emails contesting coverage in The Desert Sun and making a promise to deliver.

So far, Fontana has only produced emails or called DVN to meet with the staff only to fail to keep his appointments.  In addition, he threatened litigation against DVN, and others, for inflammatory accounts about the circumstances surrounding the alleged wrongful eviction and theft of items belonging to the estate.  Fontana has made efforts to share his side of the story, but all he has shared is hearsay.

How are the facts surrounding the EP Estate saga supposed to be interpreted?  The facts are interpreted on the preponderance of documented evidence.

The eviction papers claim Reno Fontana lived in the home without making regular payments. Fontana is also inundated under a pile of lawsuits and bankruptcy filings….According to documents, Reno Fontana purchased the this Elvis Presley home in 2003.  Fontana’s payments have been sporadic, paying less than $50,000 of money owed, according to reports….To delay foreclosure, Fontana used every trick in the book,” said Rubin. “He filed for bankruptcy, his wife filed for bankruptcy and their corporation filed for bankruptcy. Instead of making payments it was delay, delay, delay.”

Finally the courts decided enough was enough and evicted Reno Fontana with an Unlawful Detainer. Court documents show that by Oct. 11, 2012, when the property filed for bankruptcy in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Central District of California, more than $2.4 million in liabilities were listed on property valued at $1.1 million. Gray, Dean M.  Elvis Left The Building And So Has Reno FontanaDesert Vortex News.  02/21/13.

There is a lot of supporting documentation for the allegations Fontana has failed to meet his payment obligations and related contractual agreements with business partners.  What has Fontana provided?  Emails, phone calls, broken promises, and a talent for delay.

Fontana’s threats to file lawsuits against DVN and others are probably empty threats.  If he moves forward with filing in the courts it would mean producing evidence to support his claim.  Reports show he prefers to stay away from the court except to delay proceedings.

Maybe Fontana should shut up and defend himself in court with supporting evidence rather than trying to convince the public with his eloquent email messages to DVN about his innocence.  The public documented evidence against Fontana is causing reasonable doubts about his side of the story in the court of public opinion.  Until Fontana provides documented evidence about his innocence he will continue to be viewed in an unfavorable light and the allegations against him are plausible.

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