Reno Fontana Opens a Can of Worms

PALM SPRINGS, CA.  There comes a time to put up or shut up.  The ongoing saga of Reno Fontana and the Elvis Presley Estate in Palm Springs continues.  Fontana is scheduled for a court appearance at the Riverside Superior Court on May 20th.  It appears the court is a familiar venue for Fontana according to the Desert Vortex News (DVN).

Like a junkie who must have his fix, Reno Fontana appears to be addicted to court appearances. Since 1995, the former occupant of the Palm Springs home once owned by Elvis Presley has appeared in court well over 100 times in over 40 court cases.

Fontana’s own words seem to support his courtroom experience and inclination to drag on litigation for years.

Reno Fontana said, “The Elvis Presley estate is mine. All this will be resolved by the courts. If it takes me another 10 years to get back in there, I’ll do it.”

It seems as if Fontana has opted to shut up regarding his side of the story after DVN’s repeated attempts to reach him.

Repeated attempts to reach Reno Fontana have failed. His telephone is disconnected. Email sent him is not acknowledged. Calls to his attorney are not returned. Reno Fontana promised to provide us information and an interview but failed to follow through. We continue to appeal to Reno Fontana to contact us to explain his side of the story.

His last correspondence with DVN was a notification to cease communication with the publication and more threats of litigation.

On 3-11 we received this email from Reno Fontana

As my attorney has determined that your slanderous and inflammatory written accounts about me bear no truth, I have been advised to have no further communication with you. Your online stories in reference to me have all been printed for use in a lawsuit we will be filing against you at a later time not to distant in the future.

DVN would probably welcome the litigation since it will force Fontana to provide documented evidence for his side of the story.  DVN has also upped their efforts to research Fontana’s past court filings, perhaps building up their own case in the event Fontana makes good on his threats.  It will be interesting to learn what they will discover about Reno and Laura Fontana.  I think Fontana has opened up a can of worms he may wish would have stayed sealed and may later regret.

Fontana shared with me his Christian beliefs on a personal tour of the EP Estate; therefore, I will conclude with this verse from the pages of Scripture.

You are snared by the words of your mouth; you are taken by the words of your mouth.  (Proverbs 6:2)

Interpretation:  Put up or shut up.  For now Fontana has taken the wise path to hold his words and await his time in court.

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