Words of Encouragement

PALA, CA.  The ETA contestant profiles are finished and fans are sizing up the competition, making their judgments and predictions for the 2013 Rockin’ Elvis Fest.  The winner gets his ticket to Memphis and the opportunity to compete in the EPE, Inc sponsored Ultimate ETA contest to win the crown and a $20,000 cash prize.

2013 Rockin' Elvis Fest

March 15-17

The contestants are also sizing each other up and many have competed against each other repeatedly.  Eavesdrop on their conversations and you will hear quips like “my brothers in rock & roll” or “my ETA brothers” with one competitor wishing the other competitor the best of luck.  However, these are men, and this is a competition.  There can only be one winner.

Fans have their favorites and emphatically state in friendly conversations and Facebook comments who will win, who should win, and if my ETA doesn’t win, then it’s rigged.  ETA contests are like sports; therefore, subjective to an individual’s emotional connection with their favorite.  If the favorite wins, then he deserved it.  If the favorite loses, then he was robbed.  That’s okay.  It’s all part of the whole experience and makes it very exciting.  There is a lot of talent competing in this year’s contest and there is no guarantee who will win.

Every ETA looks in the mirror, judges himself, and sizes himself up against the competition.  He knows his strengths and the competition’s strengths, but fights through the fear and doubt while keeping his eyes on the prize.  He knows he must do his best to win.  Every lyric, every note, and every move is rehearsed in his head over and over again until the emcee announces his name.  He steps out on stage in a ray of blinding light to thundering applause and realizes it’s not really about the prize.  The prize is just the finish line.  It’s about what he will do with the song in the next three or four minutes when the music is cued.

My words of encouragement are simple and to the point:  Rock it.


Rock it like Elvis!  Make sure the competition knows you are in it to win it.  You can pat each other on the back when the curtain goes down.  Good luck to each ETA, and of course, have fun.


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