Rockin’ Elvis Fest Contestant Profile: Martin Anthony

PALA, CA.  This is a Pompadour series profiling ETAs competing at the 2013 Rockin’ Elvis Fest March 15-17th.  All the information has been accumulated from their respective websites, Facebook pages, and other available online media.

The Comeback

Home:  Murrieta, CA

Martin Anthony has been an entertainer for over 20 years, but did take a 10 year hiatus as an ETA to pursue other music endeavors and raise a family.

It’s been a whirlwind comeback beginning when Anthony saw a billoard advertising the 2011 Elvis Fest and he jumped right back into being an ETA.  His efforts that year placed him in the top five followed by back to back wins at the annual Karaoke Elvis Fest (2011-2012).  The 2012 Rockin’ Elvis Fest rolled around again and Anthony placed in the top five a second time.   He is an energetic, charismatic tribute artist whose high octane performances show why he ranks among one of the best ETAs in the business.  Martin is the only ETA who can make singing with karaoke tracks look like a live concert performance.

His energy, charisma, and magnetic personality are unmatched by his peers.  No matter where he places in a contest Anthony always wows the fans and wins the hearts of the judges.

You Be The Judge

Video Link

Anthony will win everyone’s heart and maybe a trip to Memphis.  Good luck Martin.

Azteca: Garden Grove


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