Rockin’ Elvis Fest Contestant Profile: Joe Bullock

PALA, CA. This is a Pompadour series profiling ETAs competing at the 2013 Rockin’ Elvis Fest March 15-17th. All the information has been accumulated from their respective websites, Facebook pages, and other available online media.

This is a rewrite from an earlier profile. After reading it again I realized it was more about me than Joe Bullock and the piece did not do him justice.

Memories of Elvis

Home: Corona, CA

There are certain qualities that make a great ETA and Joe Bullock has all of them. He has respect for the King of Rock & Roll. He packs a lot of talent affirmed by placing in the top of many contests. His appearance looks great in the jumpsuits with just the right amount of Elvis’ sex appeal. He knows how to engage the audience and draw them in with a great degree of modesty for whom he represents. Bullock rightly calls his show Memories of Elvis because he takes the audience down memory lane and for a moment the King of Rock & Roll stands before you. He also has one of the best Suspicious Minds splits.

Bullock is sure to make the fans and judges relive their memories of Elvis.

You Be The Judge

Video Link

Bullock is sure to be another strong, top contender this year. Good luck Joe.

Suspicious Minds, baby!

Suspicious Minds, baby!


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