Rockin’ Elvis Fest Contestant Profile: Ryan Collingwood

PALA, CA.  This is a Pompadour series profiling ETAs competing at the 2013 Rockin’ Elvis Fest March 15-17th.  All the information has been accumulated from their respective websites, Facebook pages, and other available online media.

Tribute Profile

Home:  San Marcos, CA

It’s interesting Ryan Collingwood shares his surname with one of the biggest Elvis festivals in North America.  It’s called the Collingwood Elvis Festival in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.  Is that a sign?

Collingwood is the newest ETA in the industry having started his venture as an entertainer in March 2012.  He hit the circuit at the OC Marketplace 2012 Elvis Karoake Fest, won a spot to compete in the finals at the LA County Fair, but left the stage empty handed losing to Martin Anthony (1st), Joe Bullock (2nd), and Brad Carrow (3rd).  He didn’t lose for lack of talent.  He was the new ETA on the block and is still making a name for himself.

He showed the fans at the Elvis Karaoke Fest his undiscovered talent singing to music tracks and left an impression.

You Be The Judge

Video Link

Collingwood is certain to leave an impression in Pala.  Good luck Ryan.


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