Rockin’ Elvis Fest Contestant Profile: Tony Freitas

PALA, CA.  This is a Pompadour series profiling ETAs competing at the 2013 Rockin’ Elvis Fest March 15-17th.  All the information has been accumulated from their respective websites, Facebook pages, and other available online media.

Nothing But Elvis

Home:  Oakdale, CA

Tony Freitas has an impressive, lengthy repertoire of Elvis songs and several creative, short videos portraying Elvis.  A local radio station in the area he calls home had this to say about his tribute to Elvis:

Tony Freitas is one of the best Elvis impersonators I’ve ever seen and we’re lucky enough to have him living right here in the Mother Lode.

Frietas is a strong performer who is very comfortable on stage and a good study of Elvis.  He possesses an obvious dedication to the King of Rock & Roll with a reputation for respecting the memory of Elvis.

You Be The Judge

Video Link

It wouldn’t be a surprise to find Frietas placing in the top at Pala.  Good luck Tony.

Day 1 EP Expo 373


2 thoughts on “Rockin’ Elvis Fest Contestant Profile: Tony Freitas

  1. Thanks for the great post. I look at all these competitions as being one big family reunion; all of us doing the same thing keeping the memory of Elvis Presley alive. That means the most to me more than anything else and I just want to thank all the people that write about Elvis and these nice words. Things like this make it all worth it. Once again, thanks, and you guys are really great. Thank you so much.


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