In The News: Million Dollar Quartet & Elvis Estate Eviction

LAS VEGAS, NV.  The good news is Million Dollar Quartet debuted at Harrah’s with rave reviews.  Check out the article by Robin Leach who was thrilled by the sensational musical.

Sensational singing, magnificent music, artful acting, stunning story: I’m  hopeful that these incredibly talented performers are here at Harrah’s long  enough for inflation to rise so they have to be renamed “Two Million Dollar  Quartet.”

When visiting Las Vegas this is a must see show.  I saw it when the show came to Orange County, CA and was immersed in the nostalgia as the musical drew me in and took me back to that historic night in 1956.

PALM SPRINGS, CA.  Time for the bad news.  The Elvis Presley Estate proprietor, Reno Fontana, got the boot and was evicted from the former home owned by Elvis and Priscilla.  It’s one of two homes occupied by the King and his court in Palm Springs.  The famed Honeymoon Hideaway, is the second residence Elvis leased on September 16, 1966 for one year.  The article alleges a lot of legal brouhaha, investment scams, money mismanagement, and ownership disputes.

The eviction papers claim Reno Fontana lived in the home without making regular payments. Fontana is also inundated under a pile of lawsuits and bankruptcy filings. Locally, Fontana is known as the financial columnist for the Desert Star Weekly newspaper….Reno Fontana entered the picture in 2003. Later in the year The Desert Sun newspaper of Palm Springs reported that Reno Fontana and his former business partner, Herman “Skip” Jaehne of Venice, FL, were in a legal dispute about the actual ownership of the home. A California court did not rule that Reno Fontana was the legal owner of Elvis Presley’s former Palm Springs estate. The court also did not rule that Mr. Jaehne improperly took the home from Mr. Fontana. Instead, Mr. Fontana and his former business partner, Herman “Skip” Jaehne, settled an ongoing litigation regarding the home.

Fontana responded to the article with a comment.

Reno Fontana Quote

A snarky fella also replied to the article with some very witty puns.

Fontana Response

That’s funny.  Let’s hope the home will reopen soon and start the tours again.  Personally, I enjoy touring the estate over the Honeymoon Hideaway.  Elvis owned the estate and it feels like a part of him is still there.  Too bad Fontana and his investors couldn’t transform the mystique of the home into Graceland West as planned.  Maybe the next fella will.



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