7th Annual Rockin’ Elvis Fest 2013

PALA, CA.  If you live in Southern California mark your calendars for the 2013 Rockin’ Elvis Fest at the the Pala Casin0 Resort & Spa.

ElvisFest 2013

The contest is a preliminary event for the Elvis Presley® Enterprises, Inc. Ultimate ETA Contest in Memphis, TN.  The event is hosted by Brown Productions and contestants can sign up at ETA Contest’s home page.

Tenative List of Competitors

Andrew Mendlin
Martin Anthony
Chris Luna
John Gilpin
James King
Rob Ely
Ceasar Garcia
Ruben Mejia
Darrell Douglas
Douglas Wayne Bryan
Tony Freitas
Mark Stevenz
Joe Bullock
Todd “TNT” Torres
Bryant Scott
James Kruk
Dean Z
Bob Castro
Lloyd Douglas

Adam Fitzpatrick

Adam Points

2012 Rockin’ Elvis Fest Winner

Fitzpatrick competed in Memphis, but didn’t place and Ben Portsmouth was crowned the Ultimate ETA.  I haven’t seen or heard much from him since and I am surprised he is not showcasing this year’s event, but Fitzpatrick does live in Canada.


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