Rigged or Just Paid Dues?

RIVERSIDE, CA.  There are allegations ETA contests are rigged and the winner is already predetermined.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

CheaterThese allegations are often ballyhooed by fans, friends and family members when their favored ETA does not win.  I’ve had my own suspicions about the outcomes of contests when there are connections between the winner and the promoter.  Honestly, that may just be show biz.  It’s a popularity contest with the bottom line always in view.

It’s all speculation, conjecture and lively kerfuffle as far as I’m concerned.  If one holds to the opinion ETA contests are rigged, then they rob themselves from the enjoyment of these contests.  Moreover, unless there is hard evidence such things happen then it is only opinion.  Then again, there is always a modicum of truth to the speculations which are often dramatically inflated without the facts.

Blah, blah, blah.  I am boring myself.  How about another viewpoint someone brought up in a discussion about contests?  An intelligent viewpoint from a professional musician who has over 20 years of experience.  It’s a viewpoint I have adopted as my own.

Maybe those who should win, but haven’t won, need to pay their just dues.  I think of that scene from Gladiator when Maximus Aurelis learns his master, Proximo, was once an enslaved gladiator and is given some liberating advice.

Listen to me. Learn from me. I was not the best because I killed quickly. I was the best because the crowd loved me. Win the crowd and you will win your freedom.

Maximus paid his dues and won his freedom.  He learned what the crowd wanted and gave them something they had never seen.

Win the promoter and you will win the contest.  Please, leave your swords and mace at home for larping.  You’ve already won the crowd because it’s full of Elvis fans, but every applause is money to the promoter and EPE, Inc.  What do promoters and EPE want in a tribute artist?  The only way to find out is to pay your dues by entering contests, win or lose.  I’ve heard rumors about what they want, but will refrain from commenting.  Besides, it’s great exposure and great experience and contests are where I have found some great ETAs to follow.  It’s showbiz and it really is a tough way to make a living.  Boy, my boy.

Your favorite ETA must earn their just dues if they are to win the Ultimate ETA contest or any contest for that matter.  So, sit back and enjoy the contest for what it is:  a tribute to Elvis Presley and a good time with family, friends, and fans.  Rigged or legitimate, it’s been nothing but a good time.

Frank Tyrone

Frank Tyrone in The King

7 thoughts on “Rigged or Just Paid Dues?

  1. Maybe yes, maybe no?…..can never be certain for sure regardless of what you know or think you might know about who is in cahoots with who or who you think is a better ETA than the other….you got to remember, that for the judges of these contests the criteria in judging is all relative to their perception of who Elvis was…

    I’ve seen guys perform in my opinion, spot on close to “the King” and someone else who is not so much walk away with a spot in the winners circle…some individuals perception of Elvis can unfortunately be that of a caricature that the mainstream media has served up all these years (à la peanut butter banana sandwiches and Thank ya Thank ya very much).

    The focus of these contests though for the individual ETA should be to do your best…(bring your best performance) …take solace in knowing that you can hold your own with some of the best ETA in the biz and learn, grow, and push yourself to be better and better.

    Although, nice to be recognized and win, ultimately it should be more about paying tribute to “the King” and less about the competition…

    With all that said and looking at the line up for Pala, in my mind I am already calling who the winner will be….and it aint me 🙂

    …it will be great just getting together though with my fellow ETA brethren and the Fans, giving the best performance possible in tribute to EP.


    • Sounds like you’re a true ETA who is keenly aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Your dedication to fans and your respectful dedication to the memory of Elvis is admirable.

      Thank you for your sincere commentary.


  2. I know what I know. I went undercover years ago after Seeing with my own eyes PROOF the ETA contests from Mississippi to Tennessee to Louisiana to Illinois were RIGGED. I could name names NOW but I would prob be sued and since I am sitting on top of Millions now due to the MASS CORRUPTION in Mississippi, being FRAMED countless times & gang stalked, well, I will keep the identities silent (for now) but be watching for my book “Missing Pieces” a TELL ALL NOVEL my friends. Elvis is sure to turn over in his grave & curl his lip when it hits the book stores and stands!

    This is KC & I approve this message.


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    I am a 7 time world finalist in the largest Elvis Presley impersonator’s contest in the world. The reason no longer have ANYTHING to do with such is b/c I proved their are rigged year ago. IF you are interested and want to see the facts of MY research, contact me. I am not hard to find! LOL

    I am KC and I approve this message (Next)


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