The Letter

RIVERSIDE, CA.  It’s a profound thought to mull over when thinking how someone like Elvis could have everything, yet, come to a point at the peak of his success and realize he wants none of it.  The greatest entertainer to live, admired by millions, was a lonely man standing atop the peak of his success with a revelation it  may have all been for naught.

Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton, shared a story several years ago, while promoting an album, about a crumpled letter Elvis wrote and tossed away in a nearby waste basket and retrieved by an associate.  It was put up for auction by Sotheby’s where Newton purchased it and co-wrote a touching song around it and simply called it The Letter.

Elvis BW

I feel so alone sometimes.  The night is quiet for me; I’d love to be able to sleep.  I am glad everyone is gone.  I’ll probably not rest tonight.  I have no need for all of this.

Help me lord.

The words appear to be paraphrased and edited to fit into the song.  Below is a copy of the document which I couldn’t determine if it is was a legitimate copy.  It also appears incomplete, but seems to match the lyrics.

The Letter

The Letter

Help me Lord to get through all of this.  I am so tired of it.  I think I would like to sleep forever, but rest does not come easy for me.  Show me a way out from these problems.  I want…

There is no doubt Elvis loved music, loved to sing, loved to entertain his fans, but somewhere along the way he seemed to have lost his soul.  The fulfillment he sought in music was lost in bursting camera flashes, screaming fans, and an exhaustive tour schedule.  Elvis was tired.  Elvis was worn down.  Elvis was empty.

For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul.  Matthew 16:26

The music Elvis loved most was gospel for which he won three Grammy’s.  Was this his calling, and if so, would it have given his life the meaning he wanted?  It’s hard for folks to imagine Elvis did not find purpose in his life as the most unique, unprecedented, revolutionary entertainer because he was an astounding singer.  What do we know?  We are fans in love with the image which brings us joy and I only have an opinion molded by my worldview which comprises partly of Elvis and ETAs.

I think Elvis just wanted to sing gospel with Priscilla by his side, and together, watch Lisa Marie grow up.


Death seemed to be on the King’s mind:  I would like to sleep forever, but rest never comes easy.  It is stated the letter was written in December 1976 and Elvis died the following year on August 16th, 1977.  Maybe the Lord Jesus Christ answered his prayers and Elvis laid his crown at the feet of the King of Kings and was given the rest he desired.

One thought on “The Letter

  1. This is so sad to read,brings tears to my eyes to read how alone he must have felt……sadder still to know that there was no one there who could / would help him to face his problems with depression and prescription drugs and be the man he really was so loving and giving from what I have watched and read about him. I remember when he died crying my eyes out as a 7 year old that was in love with ‘Elvis’ the icon. As an adult it feels my heart with such deep sadness to now understand more about ‘Elvis’ the real man and how difficult his life became…..I loved him then and love him more now I understand more about his demons . Such an unnecessary devastating loss to everyone who he touched with his life and his music.


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