Shawn Klush on Letterman

ED SULLIVAN THEATRE.  We finally had a concert era, white jumpsuit ETA on the Late Show with David Letterman.   Shawn Klush sang the ever iconic hit Suspicious Minds.  His fans loved the peformance posting their admiration on Klush’s fan page.


Shawn you are the man, you totally rocked that show last night. The very best of the week as usual, you gave 110% and it showed.  ~Allen S.

You took my breath away I was speechless wacthing you on T.V.  ~Dawn H.

Folks from around the world shared the love, too.

Una vez más quedo fascinadas con tú show, Muy buena voz , excelente repertorio, carismatico y mucho más……Sentir que es el rey quién está en el escenario es imparable y eso lo logras absolutamente.  ~Blanca C.  Santiago, Region Metropolitana.

Love the gush, but I also like to see the professional musician’s take on the performance.  The word is Klush sounded the closest to Elvis.

I think Justin sounded closer to the king. Also, The camera definitely adds 10 -15 lbs when you are wearing an all white jumpsuit. Again the [L]etterman studio broadcast is so clean and clear that you can hear the performers real voice. When you see some of these ETA’s in concert their voice sounds closer to the king’s because the voices sometimes are masked and assisted by the FOH mix. Where as the [L]etterman studio stage mix [is] fed directly to your sterile home listening environment.  ~Les A.

Shawn Letterman

Klush’s performance was great, energetic and with a sex appeal vibe showing America not all ETAs are fat, frumpy, and foolish.  Letterman almost seemed giddy; he must be a big Elvis fan.


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