Top Ten Signs You are a Bad Elvis Presley Tribute Artist

ED SULLIVAN THEATRE.  Last night’s Late Show with David Letterman featured ETA Brandon Bennett and the Top Ten list.

10.  Only resemblance to Elvis is your cholesterol.

09.  Your tribute – a 90-minute Power Point presentation.

08.  You were born 20 years before Elvis.

07.  Your singing makes women scream, but not in a good way.

06.  The real Elvis had teeth.

05.  “Graceland” is the backseat of your Toyota Corolla.

04.  Your puppet does all the singing.

03.  You do Elvis’s sneer by lifting lip with finger.

02.  Entire act consists of adjusting your jumpsuit.

01.  You look less like Elvis in the ’50’s, more like Elvis today.


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Signs You are a Bad Elvis Presley Tribute Artist

  1. Jim Have you come across the book Bigger Elvis by PF Kluge? Might appeal to you. It is critical of America’s foreign policy (which may or may not appeal to an American) but it manages to combine that with a thoughtful hero who is an Elvis Tribute Artist.


    • No I haven’t come across the book, but I will certainly buy it and read it. It sounds very interesting and I do enjoy the viewpoints outside of American borders. Sometimes we Americans get a bit institutionalized and forget there is a whole world before us. Thank you for the recommendation.


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