Brad Carrow

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA.  When Brad Carrow is dressed to perform his tribute to Elvis, he reminds me of a gangster from the 30s and 40s rather than Elvis.  He looks intimidating until you talk to him, and discover Carrow is a nice guy who loves to sing. I think he could pull off a good Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, or Bing Crosby tribute, but country is his music of choice and of course, Elvis.  He reminds me of country star, Roy Clark.

Day 2 EP Expo 185

Carrow lives nearby in a neighboring city which allows me to see him perform at a number of local venues.  Most times I see him sing in contests and local venues, but the set up is always the same.  His name is announced.  He walks out onto the stage dressed in the attire of an early Elvis and a whispering wave of snickering begins, but then he sings.  The crowd quickly hushes, followed by scattered applause, as a beautiful tone flows from his voice.  They are surprised by Carrow’s delivery of the song.

He has a smooth, disciplined voice with good control and the right range to sing Elvis’ early hits.  It’s very pleasant on the ears and I wonder what he could do with some of the ballads from the concert years.  I would love to hear him sing My Way.  Nevertheless, Carrow always leaves an impression upon me and I look forward to his performances.

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