The Indomitable Spirit of Dominick Rey

WINTERHAVEN, CA.  It’s unlikely Dominick Rey will win a major ETA contest.  He tends to forget the lyrics and hasn’t quite perfected his performance.  There is not a doubt he loves what he does and has an indomitable spirit coupled with a grand sense of humor demonstrated at the 2013 EP Expo.  If you can get passed the caricature of his performance it is obvious he admires and respects Elvis.

Dominick Ray

Dominick Ray

Rey gave one of the most memorable performances.  During his performance he removed his belt, laid it carefully on the stage, moved around a little bit more before teasingly unzipping his jumpsuit.  He stopped short, of course, but the audience loved his subtle strip tease.

I didn’t get a chance to talk with him at the Expo, but I watched him closely and saw the joy he gave his family and friends.  They were always laughing and having a good time while enthusiastically cheering him on.

I hope to see him again and get to know him.  Keep on rockin’ Dominick Rey.


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