Have Camera. Will Shoot.

RIVERSIDE, CA.  I am an photorgraphy enthusiast and this is my (short) story about how it all came about.

Photo Jim

Several years ago my wife and I started a Facebook page for ETA Scot Bruce and we needed pictures for the site to keep it colorful and interesting.  Jeanne Marie, my wife, bought me a Kodak point & shoot with more advance features than the average p & s styles.  It had a huge flaw.  It took terrible low light photos.  Since most of the venues are on theater stages in low light conditions my wife dumped the Kodak and suprised me with a Canon Rebel EOS T3 camera for little ol’ me.  It’s fantastic.

That’s how I got into photography and got my fancy, schmancy, expensive camera.  I wanted to take a better picture than the average citizen.

My motivation to take pictures of ETAs is because it’s fun, especially when I capture a perfect illusion of Elvis, or other mimicked celebrity, in the tribute artist.  Also, I like to give my photos to the entertainers for free.

Professional photographers are a dime a dozen and expensive and I have little interest in becoming professional, though my goal is to take professional quality shots.  (I’ve got a long way to go.)  I’ve had one paid gig, but my employer knew I was an amateur and paid me nonetheless.  That does not make me a professional.  A pro has an extensive knowledge about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.  I am still learning how to blend the three into great shots, thus I take a lot of photos in order to capture the right moment.  I take a lot ‘cuz I’m an amateur, but I’m working on taking better photos and fewer photos.

Simply put, I want to capture an image which makes the beholder say, “Wow.  That looks like Elvis. Is it Elvis?”

Thank you to all the ETAs who let me capture their Elvis illusions.


One thought on “Have Camera. Will Shoot.

  1. hey its dave in san diego,i;ve seen you at pomona said hi at yuma ,if ok send me your number i will call you some time before pala or see you there thanks dave gunn


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