Image of the King

MERCED, CA.  Cold!  It was real cold in Central California where Buddy Holly, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley heated up the stage at the Merced Theater for the rockin’ Image of the King show.   The audience was warmed up by Rob Ely’s entertaining tribute to Buddy Holly.  This was the first time I saw the multi-talented Ely do his Buddy Holly tribute since I’ve only seen him do Elvis.  It’s easy to forget Buddy Holly was a great singer/song writer who could really rock out a song because he died way too soon before we ever had the chance to see what could have been.  His memory lives on in Rob Ely.

Rob Ely

Rob Ely

The stage only got hotter with Holly Beavon playing the role of Marilyn Monroe.  This was another first for me seeing a Marilyn Monroe tribute artist.  She was fantastic in the role and a delight for the audience, especially the men, who were quite enraptured by Beavon’s sultry, engaging performance.

Holly Beavon

Holly Beavon

The stage blazed with the show’s headliner, Lloyd Aron Douglas as Elvis Presley and backed by the talented G-land band.  Douglas has the fortunate attribute of looking like Elvis.  With the right lighting and a bit of perfect timing you get a perfect illusion of the King of Rock & Roll performing on stage.   The word is Douglas will be back next year to rock the Merced Theatre.

Lloyd Aron Douglas

Lloyd Aron Douglas

A gracious shout out to the Merced Theatre.  Community theaters are the center of life for the arts in large and small cities and the  Merced Theatre is one of the best.  It maintains the notstalgic history for the entertainment center for the city with its vintage design on the outside and it’s modern design inside the theatre to entertain us with great shows.  The best part is their generosity to let the audience take pictures.  I love a community theater that allows you to take pictures of the shows.  Art belongs to the public and the Merced Theatre gets it.  Thank you for your generosity.


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