Stagecoach To Somewhere – Prince From Another Planet

MEYERSIDE, ENGLAND.  Author Howard Jackson shares his honest, insighful review of the recently released Prince From Another Planet and adds his brilliant comment about Elvis’ need to conquer New York’s Madison Square Garden stage.

I was wrong.   My faith is back.  The new box set, ‘Prince From Another Planet’, is marvellous.  The superior recording does not hide the weakening in the voice but in a strange way that makes the show even more impressive.   Elvis needed to conquer in New York and he had to do it with inferior powers.  This is what made him nervous before the show.   He succeeded, though, and one is persuaded again of the conceptual strength of Elvis.  What emerges with real force from the extra clarity is the vision and purpose Elvis had when he was determined to succeed.  He delivers a show full of energy and power.  True, he fakes some of the fifties hits in the medley but even these have real highlights such as his version of ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ and, in the afternoon show, a surprisingly tough version of ‘All Shook Up’.

Click HERE for the full story.


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