ETA Christmas Gift Ideas

RIVERSIDE, CA.  Christmas is right around the corner and if you still haven’t picked out a gift for your favorite ETA here a few for ideas for every ETAs library.


Treat Me Nice by Howard Jackson

Highly original and extremely acute, Treat Me Nice argues that Elvis and the Frankenstein Creature were condemned to self-destruction because they both horrified their creators. Treat Me Nice remembers not only the influential black musicians but also Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Herman Melville and Isaac Newton. Key figures in the doomed events are examined and Elvis is compared to other musical talents to reveal a clear view of his merit and importance.

Treat Me Nice is now available on Amazon and a Kindle edition is also available here.

Be Elvis!  A Guide to Impersonating the King by Frank Marino

The author is a career ETA with invaluable insights, tips, and anecdotes from all experiences to be Elvis.

Be Elvis! is now available on Amazon.

Elvis Lives:  The Business of Being Elvis by Pamela Thomas-Williams

An excellent resource providing insight into the profitability of being an ETA.  The book is filled with interviews from successful ETAs, managers, and producers.  It also serves as a history book about the ETA industry which sometimes reads like a Hollywood soap opera.

Elvis Lives is now available on Amazon.

The Elvis Today Blog Vol. 1-2 by Thomas Melin

Don’t let the title of this book fool you. The Elvis Today Blogis not a book about an Elvis site. Without a doubt, The Elvis Today Blog is a book about Elvis….However, it turns out that The Elvis Today Blog is also a book about us – modern Elvis fans.

Click here for an in depth review by The Mystery Train Blogger about The Elvis Today Blog.

The Elvis Today Blog is now available on Blurb.

Odd Thomas Series by Dean Koontz

A curious mixture of whimsy, gentle humor and horror… [and] a hero who feels perfectly comfortable with the ghost of Elvis Presley and identifies, in equal parts, with Hamlet, Quasimodo and E. T. ~ The New York Times

Odd Thomas Series is now available on Koontz’s website.

Sing Like the King Three Volume DVD Set

In the original Sing Like The King, legendary Elvis Tribute Artist Doug Church provided a complete overview of how to sing more like Elvis. Now, in this expanded multi-volume series, Doug offers a detailed walk-through of selected songs from every era, taking you literally note-by-note, and lyric-by-lyric. With these proven methods, you’ll discover how to sing better, and truly begin to master the subtleties and nuances of sounding like Elvis.

Sing Like the King is now available on Sing Like Elvis.


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