Scot Bruce’s Guitar

Some successful ETAs sometimes receive special honors and gifts.  ETA Scot Bruce is one such ETA.  He had the honor of receiving a replica Martin D-28 guitar Elvis used in the early years of his career.

Repost from Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center.

Martin D-28

January of ’08 was a very exiting month for Scot Bruce. The CF Martin Guitar Company presented him with a limited edition, exact replica of the D-28 that Elvis played in the 1950’s. Complete with the tooled leather cover. They are issuing 175 of them, to commemorate their 175 years in the guitar-making business.  Scot is the only artist world-wide to receive one of these highly collectible guitars as a gift.

Not only did Elvis play a Martin, but other legends like Hank Williams Sr, Johnny Cash and Jimmy Rogers did as well—to name a few. As a lifelong guitar player, Scot always wished that someday he’d own a Martin guitar, but never thought it would happen his lifetime.

Truly one of the biggest honors of his career. Scot thanks THE KING— Elvis Presley—for that.

Click here for the C. F. Martin & Co., Inc history.

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